Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Electric Forest

Bedgebury Pinetum lured me back again this week for the truly magical Electric Forest. A light and sound installation throughout the pinetum. We made our way round the pine scented trail in the moonlight from one pool of light to another.

Underfoot the soft pine needles made a gentle carpet as we discovered fairy groves and pixie glades and magical floating trees.

We encountered strange echoey sounds and then made our own as the trees shimmered, shone and sparkled to our whispers and whistles.

I loved that outsidey excitement you only get a few times a year on bonfire night and the magical splendor of the colourful lit landscape. Such landscapes have always cast a spell over me, from the little fairy light attraction that used to light up a grassy bank in Southend (does anyone else remember tht, I I loved it!) to the gaudy ravines of Shanklin Chine. However, this was a very different experience and really beautiful, and really well planned with fire pits half way round for warm cups of cocoa and marshmallow toasting and a candlelit cafe at the end. The Electric Forest is at Bedgebury until 7th November before moving to Thetford.


Amelia said...

I don't know the area, but this looks totally amazing. I want to go simply NOW. Thank you so much for sharing.

I, like you, absolutely adore the magical quality of nighttime lighting and fairy lights. It promises nothing but ethereal magic to me :)


Fabric Nation said...

It's about 90 minutes drive from here, in Kent. Or in Thetford Forest later on. It was very magical.