Sunday 20 September 2009

Beliefs and promises

Today is a special day. We were married on a sunny afternoon in a Devon pixie meadow surrounded by our smiling friends and family, after 17 years together. This is our first anniversary. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

'Beliefs and promises' by John Hegley

I believe in dog, the rather all bitey.
I believe that saying I will do something
makes me more likely to do it.

I believe that a bus is less well served by a single operator
than if you crew it
but I still believe in thanking the driver when I get off,
although if the exit is through a middle door
you can’t make eye contact with your thanks
unless you go down to the cabin before leaving
which all seems a bit much for this small courtesy.
I believe that Jesus would have been a smoker.
I believe that Buddha would have been a good goalie.
I believe there is a greater whole which I am part of.
I believe in not ending sentences with prepositions.

I believe that rules are there to suggest the possibility of
breaking them,
but I don’t believe that rules are made to be broken
because that’s just another rule.

I promise to remember that you are beautiful.
I promise to remember that I too am beautiful.
I promise to be less negative and paranoid,
who are you looking at?

I promise to sing.
I promise to dance.
I promise to love.
I promise to kiss.

I promise to think before I speak.
I promise to speak before I think.
I promise to spink before theak.
I promise to know when to stop.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Jam tart

It's been a little quiet on the blogging front as I have been busy helping set up this... It's T'Art, a group of artists, designers and crafter-makers working in Tooting. We met each other as we are taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House and despite not knowing each other, in just a few weeks, have set up an art group with a website for Tooting Artists and organised an art trail for the open house with fabulous prizes. Totally inspiring! I am lucky to have such fabulous neighbours and they are all T'Arts! I like the name too. It's all about being dressed up and out there. Creating and flaunting what we all do. It's also a yummy pie, each slice a different flavour, textiles, printmaking, glasswork, painting, photography, sculpture, jewellery... and it's all in Tooting!

Wednesday 9 September 2009

it's all about the leaves

September is my favourite month. Leaves and leaving. Leafing through books and photos. It's all about the leaves.
Some of my favourite 1950s and atomic textiles have these lovely leaf images on them and I have been sewing them into brooches with little beads, hanging them in my tree and waiting for them to fall so I can make a wish.
Each leaf you catch is a lucky day next year.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

scared of love

I met some nice people at the weekend who reminded me of this.
A record cover I made for a Small Factory record called Scared of Love / Lose your Way, that we released on our bi-joopiter label with Slumberland records about 15 years ago or so. A Small Factory record was beautifully painted on a page of lost records on Atherton Lin's 2010 calender. They have reminded me, now that autumn is here, to make time to draw and listen to records. And don't turn the calender pages until the month is here.

Friday 4 September 2009

Fancy... a new Etsy Treasury up from Quercus Silver. Thank you lovely for including me and all those splashes of autum yellow.
See you at We Make Autumn Fair this weekend in good ole Stokey!

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Shop revamp

I so should be working very hard indeed right now. But thought I would give my shop a little makeover with the help of this.