Tuesday 30 August 2011

Day Two - all hands on deck for brooch making

We had a perfect day, sitting in the sunny lookout, making brooches with our lovely visiting shipmates!
Our drop in workshops are available all week to Saturday 3rd September, 11-5pm, on the Lightship, Gillingham Pier, Pier Approach Road, Kent ME7 1RX Map & directions
Printed Wonders has made this postcard specially for our ship visitors.

Monday 29 August 2011

Day one on the LV21 lightship

Our week long residency on the beautiful LV21 Lightship opened today with magical mermaids enchanting us with the singing deep down in the ship...

We feel so lucky to be in such lovely surroundings. We set up our shop in the radio room, and brooch making in the lookout, and enjoyed amazing views from the end of Gillingham Pier.

We ran a print your own tea towel workshop in the stern where everyone made amazing printed tea towels, from our youngest nautical knot inspired printer...

to our lovely fishy printer...
We set up installations in the boiler rooms and cabins...

and installed our vintage seaside souvenir collection and shop in the control room.

We even have signal flag treasure hunt!

Thank you to everyone that visited today. We are open all day the rest of the week, and on Saturday. Drop in for souvenirs, Seaside Sisters shop, brooch and pennant making and to enjoy this very special ship and some of the hidden treasures we have created for you deep in the engine rooms. We are easy to find, a 10 minute walk from Gillingham station to the Pier or follow the signs to Gillingham Pier, off the A289.

Thursday 4 August 2011

Visit our Souvenir shop this summer...

I'll be joining my Seaside Sisters this summer for two exhibitions celebrating our love of seaside souvenirs, haberdashery and mid-century modern design.

We have an exciting programme of workshops for you as well.

Wednesday 17th August 10am-5pm - Vintage inspired fabric printing summer school - Details and booking here.

Wednesday 17th August 6.30pm-9.30pm - Print your own souvenir tea towel - Details and booking here.

Friday 19th August 6.30pm-9.30pm - Print Gocco cards and notebooks - Details and booking here.

Saturday 3rd September 12noon-3pm - Print Gocco on a lightship! - Details and booking here.