Thursday 1 July 2010

Seaside Sisters at We Make London

I donned my Seaside Sisters hat last weekend and took the Seaside Sisters Bunting Making Party to We Make London. Linda and I set up in the beautiful setting of Chelsea Town Hall. I love this building, it is so grand and ornate, like being inside an exotic birthday cake, but so municipal as well with little brass signs and hatches for ticket sales.

My bunting adorned the entrance to the hall, and signs lured crafty fingers to our bunting making party. The lovely Sidney very kindly swapped places so we could take over the corner (we liked her hats) and we later spent the day swapping textile tales with her.

Bunting making with the Seaside Sisters

The highlight of the day was seeing all the lovely visitors of all ages to our stall create, decorate and sew fabulous bunting flags. Bunting makers rummaged through our stash of vintage and retro fabrics, trims and buttons to craft individual bunting flags or spell out messages. I love seeing how each person creates something so different and the pleasure they get from designing and learning. I never get over the different ways people can approach a simple idea that just needs minimal sewing skills to create something personal and fun. Many of our visitors were stall holder's children, who, not surprisingly, were very creative, including the lovely Cara's. Only later did I realise we had visits from Picciolo and Tobyboo's little people, both designers I really like and who's talent has clearly rubbed off on their children! We were also pleased to have a visit from Louise at ehive and enjoyed taking part in her We Make film and sewing with her daughter.

As usual, We Make was overflowing with beautiful creations, talented makers and lots of lovely people. Across the room, we admired Love from B, I liked their ice cream sundae fascinators so will be back for one of those and enjoyed sewing with Cariad. I bought a moustache adorned baby-gro for a friend's soon to arrive baby from Emily the Pemily - these are a very welcome alternative to the cutesville look that dominates baby clothes. We liked the orange maid lolly brooches from Mockinghorse, so realitistic they made our mouths water! Mary and the We Make team work really had to make these events a success - thanks lovelies!

All in all a buntastic day! Next stop Vintage Goodwood for the Seaside Sisters bunting-bikini-gocco making eco-craft-a-go-go!