Friday 6 February 2009

dog bottoms

Before the snow, there was a sunny day and I spent it taking photos of dog bottoms. Taking photos for listings seems to require that special combination of a bright, sunny day, no cloud or breeze, no little floating bits of fluff and most definitely no highly curious and possibly hungry pets cats. I may have to explore some of the ideas discussed by the folksy sellers.
I've now finally loaded them up (and a few photos of their faces too) onto etsy and folksy. Not all of them yet as I'm flagging a bit. All this cropping, pricing, listing and describing seems to take a little while despite lots of cutting and pasting. Giving each one an individual personality doesn't help either! This is Betty, she likes to scamper ahead and then run back and bark at you. Really, she does.

They are all made from my collection of vintage fabrics, buttons and trimmings, based on stuffed toy patterns and craft books from the 1970s. I've also made a gocco print, combining some fabric and patterns.


The Lone Diner said...

he dogs are fabulous! I love love love the little button bottoms, that is hilarious!

Fabric Nation said...

Thank you! I must admit, choosing the bottom button is my favorite bit!

Kyra said...

Cute pieces!

Best, Kyra

Fabric Nation said...

Thanka Kyra. Just popped over to your blog, love the Obama kanga fabric and really moved by the news photo of people waiting to say hello to the Obamas.