Friday, 15 May 2009

Postcard swap

Lovely Magic Alice has been organising a postcard swap over at Folksy. I was very lucky to be paired up with the multi-talented KittyNoir who sent me this beautiful card made using paper quilling, and one of her lovely bracelets. Thank you!
I sent this one of Brixton to Beckycheeks.  It's up the road from me and the idea of 'Greetings from Brixton' made me laugh! I think it's the contrast between the hustle and grime of Brixton and 'Greetings from...' postcards that portray idyllic holiday scenes. Also nice to see what was there before KFC. I quite like the idea of urban greetings cards though. I'd like to make one that celebrates the Brixton I like: the markets, Ritzy cinema, people everywhere, open access print making studios! I like the idea of alternative seaside cards too, in particular the work of Ilike who sells her postcards on folksy.

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