Thursday, 21 May 2009

Gocco galore!

I've been meaning to write about Xtina Lamb's work for a while, and what better excuse than to celebrate her new Etsy shop. An artist and illustrator, Xtina has been producing beautiful print gocco work for a few years and took part in Mark Pawson's Print More Postcards Gocco project.

She uses her Gocco machines to produce cards, prints and artists books, and she can regularly be found at Artist's Book and Small Press fairs as well as this years craft events. Her inspiration includes seaside towns and the beauty of the coast, such as this beach inspired book 'Swept away', which has also influenced her larger pieces.

These influences can also be found in her photography, which was included in Glimpse Margate. We were very lucky to have a specially made picture from Xtina using gingham from our wedding and seaweed from the beach near where we married.

Her work also draws on a love of quirky 50s design and everyday ephemera and urban life celebrated in her many postcard prints and artisits books, such as 'The world belongs to Jane and me'. A page from this is at the beginning of this post and this work is available to buy from her website. Her latest venture, over at Etsy, is Printed Wonders. She has produced a range of alphabet bunting in candy colours available in a choice of interchangeable printed letters or numbers in a fancy vintage typeface and a range of symbols. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or any celebration or to customise a room. Good luck Xtina!


Amie Roman said...

Thanks for introducing this artist to Printsy!

Fabric Nation said...

a pleasure! thanks for printsy too!