Friday, 15 May 2009

Look carefully...

...these little gems are hidden

and come in many shapes and sizes

and beautiful colours

worn smooth by the sea.

I amazed myself finding all these from just two beaches during our week away. I love the sea blue gems that are washed up on the beach. But feel sad as I search for these drops of sky when I find broken bottles on our beaches. It's such a shame that our beaches can be so easily destroyed, but we are lucky, that some of this rubbish turns to these little jewels. Shame we can't be as lucky with all our pollution. I love the feel of sea glass, the act of searching and not seeing and then discovering, their beautiful worn edges, and how the best colours are the hardest to find. Can you guess where I was looking...

I have plans for these, along with my collection from glass beach in California. I need to practice drilling little holes so I can string a few on a silver chain. Searching for pictures of glass, I also came across the work of these talented jewellers who combine silver and glass and a little inspiration from the sea. Here are just a few, working with glass washed up on beaches all of the world, that could have come from anywhere. At Folksy, the UK based Beach Shack Project.

Over in Canada, I love how Seaglassdesigns combines the glass with silver seaweed strands or creates little sea creatures...

...and the use of pottery fragments worn by the sea, but this is a favourite.

And from Puerto Rico, Oceano Seaglass makes these pendants and lovely silver spirals.


and in the US, Artwithannie makes rings with her seaglass.

I can almost hear the sea.


Tracy x said...

i adore sea glass but we do not seem to have very much up here :(
turning it in to wearable pieces is such a great idea - i must search through your suggestions and start saving my pennies!
beautiful pictures today lovely lady x
hope you are having a great weekend
t x

me! said...

Lovely post!
Thank you for including my work in such fine company.
Best, Christine
genuine seaglass
naturally recycled gems

BlueBoxStudio said...

Thank you for including my work in your lovely post. It's great to see this lovely medium given more coverage. I love the search for sea glass; most of what I use I have personally collected; often the best pieces are well buried, as you show, and that's the fun of it.

best wishes,

Blue Box Studio

Fabric Nation said...

a pleasure!