Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Get away from it all at whitsuntide

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and lots of outings this Whitsuntide. We went to the London Transport Museum. These posters are from their wonderful poster collection.

The museum is one of my favourites. I love old transport, and here you can climb aboard and take little trips to the past.

We also played London Transport bingo! And marvelled at the very nice cushions in the shop made from unused old seat material.

But best of all, I love the celebration of design. The design of the interiors, the fonts, maps, signage, even the LT Canteen biscuit cutter that stamped 'LTB shortie' onto the staff biscuits. We guessed that LTB stood for London Transport Biscuits! All made with such style and joy of good design. The poster collection is just beautiful. These are all from the Whitsun series, but I also spotted adverts for 'Blackberry Sunday' and 'Chestnut Sunday'.

I love the idea of weekends dedicated to seasonal events like picking blackberries. There was even a travel guide to the best blackberry sites! I suspected these were LT travel gimmicks, but to my surprise discovered there is Chestnut Sunday every year in Bushy Park to celebrate the blossom in May! I quite fancy the idea of sloe gin Monday, a day off in the countryside picking sloes! What would be your seasonal celebration Sunday outing?

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