Thursday, 4 June 2009

Don't forget to vote

Our polling station is in a local church. It's a building I never go into apart from voting, but is lovely inside and has a very nice village hall feel to it.

I was shocked to see BNP top of the ballot paper, and they have so many candidates. Here's hoping enough people turn out today to keep the BNP out of Europe.

I wanted to take pictures inside, but I'm sure that probably isn't allowed. I wonder where all the special stubby voting pencils are stored from year to year.


Linden said...

Hi Fabric, just been and voted! Ours is in a church too, right next door to us so very convenient indeed and also interesting as an old building, being one of the very few Swedenborgian churches in West Yorkshire.

I was also shocked to see BNP at the top of the ballot paper but then I looked down it and realised it's in alphabetical order. There must be a better way to arrange it!!

(I think it's alphabetical,'s been such a day I'm not currently sure whether I'm coming or going, lol!)

BeadyPool said...

I couldn't believe how many different parties there were to vote for - even a "roman party" or something similar. As Linden said it's been one of those days here too - difficult to concentrate when trying to vote with a 3yr old in tow :)

Bobo Bun said...

I did my voting while trying to explain to an eight and seven year old what I was doing. Thought it would be good for them to see it all (only ones in our village hall bit quiet to say least). Lets hope enough sane people out there who realise the threat of BNP and UKIP. About to have a read down the rest of your posts now to catch up.



Fabric Nation said...

Good to hear from you all.

And great that you took children too! I was thinking at the time how would I explain this to my niece, the questions it opens up could go anywhere!