Friday, 19 June 2009

Animal or vegetable...

Vegetables donated by Abel and Cole arrive today... don't they look yummy! And I didn't even try the tasty looking cherries. All of these are destined to be carved, shaped, cut and molded into vegtabulous creations at tomorrows Furzedown Funday, raising money for epilepsy charities.

The response of Folksy sellers to my request for donations of prizes for our animal vegetable competition has been overwhelming. I have been touched by the thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity and creativity of fellow Folksters.

And just look at these amazing prizes... We have one of Lapwing Printworks lino prints along with a hand printed notebook and letterpress and lino printed seed envelopes.

Handmade creatures from oddsox and treaclezoo.

Artwork from Fatema and Natnat...
One of Glassprimitif's glass fish, a Silky Prudence jug cover and a ZennithZark Knitted bag.

And sparkles galore from from Gladwyn, AkomaDesigns and Christals.

Thanks to everyone for your donations, including Hatastic who is featured in the previous post.

It will not rain tomorrow!


Blueberry Park said...

Mmmm, what a collection. Just had an A & C leaflet thru the post today - really must give them a try

Fabric Nation said...

The veggies were really lovely. It was very hard to resist the temptation to keep a few for myself, especially the mini watermelon, it smelt of summer as we cut it open to be transformed into a spikey monster. They donated two huge boxes which was perfect for a days monster making.