Monday, 9 March 2009

Things to make and do!

We had a lovely afternoon on Saturday. This year my birthday coincided with a friends 50th that evening, so we had a little craft party 'round mine during the day before setting off for dancing later. Loved ones donned my vintage pinnies whilst they baked and recipes were messed with to create wheat free lemon drizzle cake, malteaser brownies and popcorn banana cakes...

The queen of cakes made me this fabulous kitty cake! Thank you special star!

The table was stacked high with fabric, pins, threads, patterns, buttons, cups of tea and glasses of sparkling wine, and we swapped ideas and craft books and made all manner of things. A little felt owl based on a pattern from wonderful 70s craft books...

Everyone joined in, from urban cross stitchers to button heart makers (from lovely vintage Spears button sewing kit!).

We found out how to make yoyo brooches... (and I discovered the effect sticky cake and sparkling wine has on my photo taking abilities - sorry!)

The more adventurous among us made their first softie, based on Allsorts' lovely scotty dog pattern.

We met a sweet new baby, learnt bad words in Greek and were impressed with the home grown woad dyed wool! And then we hot-footed it across town for dancing old school style to punk and ska records. Thanks to everyone for your craftiness, treats and love and making it such a nice day!


Emma Loves Stitching said...

oh my goodness, i had one of those Spears button making kits, and the photo your showing, my Mum had that pride of place on a window sill for years-how funny had completely forgotten about them until now!!

Lovely blog!

Emma :)

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks Emma! The Spears button kit is lovely.My niece made this one, I think I might frame it! x

Crafty Koala said...

Happy birthday!! What a fab idea for a party. I especially like the 1970's owls. I'm going through a bit of a retro thing at the mo. xx

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks Crafty Koala!