Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I miss the snow

I'm really missing the snow. Such a rare treat in London. Thinking about the snow, I had a look at snow related crafts on Folksy and found some snowflake inspired jewellery, including these sweet earrings by Very Vintage.

A charming bracelet by Noodefish Crafts who makes all sorts brightly coloured jewellery with lovely button combinations.
Pennydog uses silver flecks to create a little snowstorm captured in this clear resin and silver ring. Beautiful. Check out the snowy knitting needles too!

And Bbel has made this delicate snowflake necklace.

Wrapping up warm and playing in the snow have inspired this pendant necklace by A Resin Revival and brooch by FluffsStuffs.

Finally, one of my fave prints by Katie Muth, picked up from Reading Frenzy on a trip to Portland a few years ago. I've just found her website showing more of her lovely prints. I really like the Calendar Series. I might have to go back for more of her lino prints. I really like the cassette tape print.
Off to have a cup of tea and look at Paul Gallico's Snowflake book. I have a much treasured 1952 edition with creamy thick paper. Each page is sprinkled with David Knight's tiny snowflakes and snow scenes printed in blue verditer coloured ink. I must admit I've not read it yet, I have a feeling I might find the religious metaphors a little irksome and was shocked to discover he also wrote the Poseidon Adventure, the film of which is top of my least liked films. This might have something to do with being forced to watch this at the end of each school year as some form of treat for us school girls. In fact these screenings were really an attempt to prevent the entire school vacating the building all at once and to lull us into stupor in order to prevent us from running through the streets going berserk. Not sure how I got from snow to disaster movies! Here are some of the lovely Gallico snowflakes. I really like the illustration of snowflake becoming part of the river.


Tracy x said...

how simply beautiful is that ring?
thank you for sharing yet more of your finds - i am going to sit down with a cup of tea and have a browse around Folksy - i may even update my own shop :)
t x

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks Tracy! It really is lovely. Apparently Folksy is in the Guardian over the weekend so well worth giving your shop an update - although it looks very lovely already!

LPFish said...

i have missed it too x

Fabric Nation said...

I keep hoping for more! I'm a March baby too and it snowed when I was born, so you never know!

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Hey :) thanks for featuring my work on your blog. Just popping by to say your fabric cats and dogs are included in my lastest blog entry.xx

Fabric Nation said...

That's lovely, thank you!

Valerie said...

What a lovely selection of items - must check out the shops! I love the snow (but not slippery ice)! I'm a March baby too :) and I've known it snow in March....so....there is still time :)

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks Black Rose. They are lovely, I keep having little looks at them too!

Very Vintage said...


Thanks so much for featuring my snowflake studs!

It was very sweet of you! Thanks so much for all your kindness! :)