Thursday, 15 January 2009

New year, new blog

I'm dipping my toe into the blogging world having enjoyed and been inspired by many blogs over the past year or so. I enjoy blogs by crafters and artists, but also random daily journals, musings and commentary. I have loved barkcloth fabric since I first came across some at a jumble sale in my teens and made it into a dress. I now make toys, bags and cushions, but I might make another dress soon! I also love prints and printmaking, mainly etching and print gocco. I learnt etching with the wonderful Frank Connelly at city lit and got the gocco bug from xtina lamb and mark pawson. I have worked as a researcher, sitting in front rooms hearing amazing stories and telling them to others so that life might change for the better. I'm lucky to have had such a fascinating job, but this has always taken up more time than I planned, so now I'm hoping to adjust the balance and spend more time making, crafting, printing and enjoying my friends. I'm not sure what shape this blog is going to take, so lets see what happens!

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