Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gotta lotta bottle

I had forgotton how much fun Brick Lane can be. I spent most of last Sunday rummaging in shops stuffed with vintage goodness and chatting to their delightful owners. I was most pleased with the selection of tea towels I found, I might frame them. The Dairy Council tea towel features a slogan from the 'jingle king' Rod Allen. He is credited with saying "We wanted to get away from the middle class, worthy image that milk had and we went particularly for a very young boisterous approach. We quite literally broke all the rules" and the slogan is said to be responsible for "changing the personality of milk" in the early 1980s! I don't actually like milk, I just liked the design, but haven't been able to discover who the designer was.

And when my friend held up this apron, we were speechless! I think a trip to our local bingo hall might be in order. A visit there is long over due as it's in a marvelous old cinema with the original interior. The pockets look perfect for holding dabbers! The shop owner told us a lovely story about her dad's business that made and supplied such aprons to local department stores, delivered in mixed batches of a dozen tied up in brown paper and string.

The nice owner at Hunky Dory vintage let me take a picture of this wonderful apache scarf display. Apparently the owner sported one just like these when he was a wee lad!


Anonymous said...

I love your lotta bottle tea towel, remember the slogan too!

Fabric Nation said...

Thank you! Do you remember the TV ads as well?

Jane Foster Blog said...

I love your tea towels!!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks jane! I really like the typography in the tea, spice etc one.