Thursday, 11 November 2010

Come in, we're open

We set up our Handmade in Tooting show this weekend. We were feeling a a wee bit apprehensive about it and panicking about having enough stock and hours in the day to set up a show and have time for our loved ones, but now it is all up we feel very proud and quite bit excited about being shop girls for the next three weeks.
The first few days have been lots of fun, with people we know locally popping in for a browse and a chat, a cup of tea and a little bit of brooch making. It is so nice being able to work locally and share the things we enjoy doing with people living around us.

The space used to be a green grocers (hence it's new name, Sprout Arts!). It is lovely and bright and as well as playing shops I'm also looking forward to working in this lovely light uncluttered space during the day. We have set up a making table in the centre of the art space for our workshops and so anyone passing by can come and join in and spend a little time making and creating. If you are passing, do drop in and say hello.


kirsty said...

It sounds (and looks)wonderful - best of luck!

MissGinger said...

it all looks amazing. well done.really really gorgeous - you didnt say where you are?

can't wait til i can do the same. x

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks both of you! I've added some links to show where we are. Making the butterfly cakes tonight.