Monday, 25 October 2010

Tweets and woofs

Spent today making brooches for the forthcoming Handmade in Tooting exhibition. Sewing the owls' sleepy eyes makes me feel very calm.

Looking forward to sewing the cats whiskers, they are very dandy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian,
looks like you've been making some great stuff! Had you thought about having a small stall at Indietracks? We book the stalls for them so i can add you to our list if you'd like to know more about it?
Keep on crafting, thanks for having a look at our blog!
Jenna x

Fabric Nation said...

Thank you! Yes, we really hope to be at Indietracks next year. We met you the year before as I was there with my Seaside Sisters running a workshop. Your stall was fab. Indietracks is the loveliest festival in the world! We meant to go this year but some friends (who originally told me about indietracks) went and got married the same weekend, very cheeky of them. Nothing will get in the way of me going next year (I hope!).