Monday, 16 November 2009

Pop-up Xmas boutique at Truman Brewery

The Seaside Sisters will be here every weekend (Thursday to Sunday) from the end of November.


Unknown said...

Just added it to m y blog too!! How are u doing with so many fairs going on??

Tooting Squared said...

I'll try and drop by one weekend, Sweets!

By the way, drop by my blog when you get a mo. You've won a prize!

Lucy said...

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Amelia said...

Hi there,

Great to see you at Sparkle and to hear that you did so well!! Well done!

The Truman event looks really good, I will try and come down.

More good luck for it.


Fabric Nation said...

a word of warning... we met lots of fab designers at this market, sadly AIWFX organisers saw this as an opportunity to rip off stall holders by renting out spaces at a venue with leaky roof, no heating, power cuts, locked entrance doors, and no advertising bar a few signs written in felt tip pen. In marked contrast to the huge amount of work the likes of Handmade and We Make put into their events. I was shocked at the amount of advance press coverage this event was given, suggesting this to be one of the best xmas shopping events in London. Certainly the quality of work for sale was fabulous, that is until we were swamped with stalls selling mass produced tat. The venue was shabby and inaccessible. A few oversized baubles and cheesy xmas songs don't make ''London’s first alternative Pop-Up Department Store".