Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shop revamp

I so should be working very hard indeed right now. But thought I would give my shop a little makeover with the help of this.


LPFish said...

i think i love you :)
Kirsty x

Fabric Nation said...

tee hee its my kittens you're after! x

Silky Prudence said...

Have you been sneaking in my house taking photos of my Boo-boo cat???

Tres sweet xx

Fabric Nation said...

you've found me out!

Anonymous said...

Wowawee, I love this!!

@That Crafty Fish!- heehe, I hope you said that in a really pervy deep-gravelly voice?!

@Silky Prudence, Would I be correct in thinking your cat is called Boo-boo? Thats sooo cool, My cat is called Boo-Boo too!!! There' s a song by Rufus Thomas called 'I think I made a Boo-Boo' and whenever I play it my parrot calls my cat, heehe.

Love xxx