Tuesday, 8 September 2009

scared of love

I met some nice people at the weekend who reminded me of this.
A record cover I made for a Small Factory record called Scared of Love / Lose your Way, that we released on our bi-joopiter label with Slumberland records about 15 years ago or so. A Small Factory record was beautifully painted on a page of lost records on Atherton Lin's 2010 calender. They have reminded me, now that autumn is here, to make time to draw and listen to records. And don't turn the calender pages until the month is here.


kidfrostbite said...

great record, great cover. slumberland remembers!

Anne said...

What a strange coincidence. I knew Phoebe and Jeffrey (from Honeybunch) and stayed with them in Providence about 20 years ago (I am old!).

Lovely people, great bands. Happy memories.

Helen said...

I bought the calender too! I love the illustrations. Sadly I have promptly lost it in a pile of bags I dumped in my studio. It's there somewhere waiting to be opened and ready for the new year! Think I'll find it by then.
Loved your stuff at the show Missy Nation! It was nice to meet you. x

Fabric Nation said...

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by and happy memories. It's so nice to see young Mr Slumberland, very beautiful. I always thought Honeybunch was such a great name for a band. It was lovely to meet you as well Helen, I had seen pics of your work at the last We make and really liked the alphabet block prints. See you in Chelsea Town Halll!

Jeremy Atherton Lin said...

you are my indie dream come true.