Sunday, 20 September 2009

Beliefs and promises

Today is a special day. We were married on a sunny afternoon in a Devon pixie meadow surrounded by our smiling friends and family, after 17 years together. This is our first anniversary. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

'Beliefs and promises' by John Hegley

I believe in dog, the rather all bitey.
I believe that saying I will do something
makes me more likely to do it.

I believe that a bus is less well served by a single operator
than if you crew it
but I still believe in thanking the driver when I get off,
although if the exit is through a middle door
you can’t make eye contact with your thanks
unless you go down to the cabin before leaving
which all seems a bit much for this small courtesy.
I believe that Jesus would have been a smoker.
I believe that Buddha would have been a good goalie.
I believe there is a greater whole which I am part of.
I believe in not ending sentences with prepositions.

I believe that rules are there to suggest the possibility of
breaking them,
but I don’t believe that rules are made to be broken
because that’s just another rule.

I promise to remember that you are beautiful.
I promise to remember that I too am beautiful.
I promise to be less negative and paranoid,
who are you looking at?

I promise to sing.
I promise to dance.
I promise to love.
I promise to kiss.

I promise to think before I speak.
I promise to speak before I think.
I promise to spink before theak.
I promise to know when to stop.


Anne said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful wedding!

jennyflowerblue said...

Congratulations. It looks like you had a beautiful day, I always love a wediing which actually reflects the couple- rather than the Hotels package! Simon and I will have managed 15 years this coming May so only another two to wait fr my big day??

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! The photos of your wedding are so lovely! What a great poem too (John Hegley is one of our favourites)

littlemithi said...

Ah! It was YOUR wedding Xtina was going to last summer! Happy anniversary :)

Emma Herian said...


What a lovely day you both had!

Dotty said...

what lovely picture what a lovely poem !

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. xx

LPFish said...

oh, how heart stopping! *tear glistens* xxx

Baglady said...

What a gorgeous photo of you both!

Thanks for your hospitality at the weekend. I think have a little jug tucked away in a corner of my kitchen that would sit very well in your collection. I will make sure it eventually finds its way to you.

Concetta said...

Hi, just found your site! Congrats - so beautiful. Hope your artists open house has gone really well. Look foward to meeting you sometime fellow Furzedownian!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks all of you!

Unknown said...

Gillian, you look so pretty!!! It is so nice to see photos of your weeding day, all looks so nice and handmade as it should be!!

Happy Anniversary!

Amelia said...

Sooo lovely, gorgeous and utterly inspiring. I want to get married too now!!!

Am following now as I get to grips with all this blog stuff (still have a long way to go!!)

Loved Marga's comment: what a happy weeding day!!!! If only all weeding was like this!!! (let's go gardening!) ;-)

Amelia.xx said...

Oh amazing! Look at all those balloons and cakes! Cingratulations :)

louise35flower said...

Congratulations your wedding looks so lovely and you both look so happy. I haven't heard that poem before but I love it, made me smile and chuckle!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks all of you!

Helen said...

Ah congratulations! John Hegley is a good friend of mine and I'm sure he would be chuffed to know you've sited his poem! Looks like it was a gorgeous day!