Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Well, the spring walk through the Sussex countryside to the sea started well. We caught the train.

Arrived at the start. Remembered to close the gates. Admired the abandoned cogs and local blacksmiths.

Then we found the lovely cosy pub, enjoyed a long lunch and assured the pub landlord that having lunch first wasn't cheating. Then we saw the advert for the Spring Show.

Lured by visions of bric-a-brac piled high, we made a slight detour. To be greeted by this amazing sight...

So of course we stayed. Chatted. Admired the eggs. Had tea and cake.

Wandered around the village. And met a lovely man who had grown up in the village, with tales of scrumping apples from Virginia Woolf. We caught the train to the sea instead, full of stories and memories of past village life.

And to celebrate all things sprung, I made a little treasurey.


Concetta said...

What a lovely trip out! Love the chicks! ;)

Amelia said...

oh wonderful treasury of easter treats! And what fun you had, how I need some days like this. After my trip to Barcelona and coming back to a 2nd winter, it's taking all my energy not to be mis!

You've inspired me. We were making easter nests out of recycled paper this evening.


Anonymous said...

嫉妒能使人得到短暫的快感,但也能使不幸更辛酸。 ..................................................


Yey, chick making. Me and my daughter made pompom chicks over Easter. It was great fun. She was very impressed that she could make pompoms out of 2 doughnut pieces of card!